Other products and services

Apart from research projects we cooperate with companies, universities, and research institutions. The Human Motion Institute offers the following products and services:

Clinical Trial Requirements * Trial Design * Sample Size calculation * Statistical Analysis Plan * Statistical Programming * DSMB Participation * Data Management * Statistical Analysis & Report * Activity Measurements (actibelt) * External Control Groups * Scientific Advice * Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics * Support in Regulatory Affairs * Project Management (with subcontractors) * International Monitoring (with subcontractors) * Electronic Data Capture (with Trium) * Electronic Management Tools (with Trium)

Beyond Clinical Trials * Webbased Online Analytical Processing (with Trium) * Safety Control Centre (support of DSMB activities) (with Trium) * Risk Assessment Tools * Online Decision Support * Database and Registry Design and Hosting * Data Pooling and Warehousing * Collaborative Workspace Systems (Intranets/Portals) (with Trium)